Patent Number: 6,440,225

Title: Floor treating method and machine

Abstract: A method is provided for stripping a polymer film from a floor surface,comprising the steps of:(a) applying a concentrated alkaline stripper solution including analkaline agent and a solvent, to the polymer film;(b) allowing this concentrated alkaline solution to chemically act on thepolymer film during a contact time of at least 5 seconds;(c) scrubbing the polymer film with a scrubbing device while diluting theconcentrated alkaline solution with water, so as to obtain a sludge;(d) vacuum cleaning the floor surface by suction of the sludge,whereby this method is carried out using one floor treating machine. Thismethod is an integrated floor stripping procedure which is considerablymore effective than known stripping methods of the prior art.

Inventors: Van Den Burg; Michael (Vlaardingen, NL), Jans; Josef (Munchwilen, CH), Schepers; Frederik Jan (Maarssen, NL), Semmler; Rolf (Munchwilen, CH), Van Der Vlist; Pieter (Vlaardingen, NL)


International Classification: C11D 3/30 (20060101); C11D 11/00 (20060101); C11D 3/02 (20060101); C11D 3/26 (20060101); C09D 9/00 (20060101); C11D 3/43 (20060101); E04G 23/00 (20060101); C11D 1/72 (20060101); C11D 1/38 (20060101); C11D 1/44 (20060101); C11D 1/722 (20060101); C11D 3/20 (20060101); A47L 013/00 (); A47L 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 08/27/2014