Patent Number: 6,444,926

Title: Rotary pocketed weigh feeder

Abstract: A weigh feeding apparatus has a plurality of compartments to hold a material that is fed into the compartments and a scale for weighing the material held in the compartments. The compartments are configured to revolve about an axis at a substantially constant rate and the scale is configured to produce a signal determined by the weight of the material held in the compartments. The signal is capable of being used to control the rate at which material is fed into the compartments.

Inventors: Ricciardi, Sr.; Ronald J. (Woodcliff Lake, NJ)

Assignee: Acrison, Inc.

International Classification: G01G 13/00 (20060101); G01G 13/22 (20060101); G01G 13/24 (20060101); G01G 011/14 (); G01G 013/22 (); G01G 013/04 ()

Expiration Date: 09/03/2019