Patent Number: 6,445,178

Title: Vehicular magnetic displacement sensor for determining an offset in theoutput of the sensor

A magnetic level sensor is adapted for interconnecting with a verticallymoving component of a vehicle such that the level sensor determines avertical orientation of the component of the vehicle relative to the frameor chassis of the vehicle. The magnetic level sensor includes a magneticangular measurement device interconnected to the component of the vehiclesuch that vertical movement of the component causes a correspondingrelative rotational movement of a magnetic element associated with theangular measurement device. An electronic control is included foranalyzing an output of the angular measurement device and determining anangle of rotation of the magnetic element and thus a vertical movement ofthe component. The control further determines an error or offset in theoutput of the angular measurement device and adjusts an output of thecontrol in response to the error or offset. The control thus continuouslycalibrates an output of the angular measurement device to account formanufacturing irregularities and drift in sensor output due to temperaturevariations and aging of the sensors and magnets over time.

Inventors: Hoekstra; Eric J. (Holland, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014