Patent Number: 6,445,208

Title: Power source current measurement unit for semiconductor test system

A semiconductor test system having a power source current measurement unitfor measuring a power source current of a device under test with highspeed and accuracy. The power source measurement unit includes a DAconverter for generating a source voltage, an operational amplifier forforming a negative feedback loop and supplying the source voltage to apower pin of the device under test thereby supplying a power sourcecurrent to the power pin, a voltage amplifier for amplifying a voltagerepresenting the amount of power source current supplied to the deviceunder test, an integration circuit for integrating an output signal of thevoltage amplifier for a predetermined integration time, and an ADconverter for converting an output signal of the integration circuit to adigital signal after the integration time.

Inventors: Sugamori; Shigeru (Santa Clara, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014