Patent Number: 6,445,345

Title: Microstrip line and microwave device using the same

The present invention provides a low cost microstrip line with low loss anda microwave device using the microstrip line. The microstrip linecomprises (a) a dielectric substrate for general purpose use withrelatively high loss in a microwave frequency, (b) a strip conductor foildisposed on the front surface of the substrate, (c) a metal plate forgrounding disposed in contact with the back of the dielectric substrate,and (d) an air layer formed on a portion of the metal plate for grounding,the portion facing to the strip conductor foil.

Inventors: Kamimoto; Ryuichi (Aichi, JP), Kitamura; Hirokazu (Gifu, JP), Kirimura; Kazuyuki (Gifu, JP), Hibino; Yasuhiro (Gifu, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014