Patent Number: 6,445,490

Title: Encapsulated gyricon spheres

A particulate encapsulated Gyricon element includes a Gyricon sphereencapsulated within a shell that also contains a dielectric fluid in whichthe Gyricon sphere is able to rotate. The shell is preferably formedaround the Gyricon sphere and the dielectric fluid by interfacialcondensation polymerization. Display elements such as electric paper canbe readily derived by coating the encapsulated Gyricon elements upon asubstrate. Display elements can thus be readily achieved without the needfor an expensive elastomer binder sheet or the need to have the sheet incontact with a dielectric fluid.

Inventors: Chopra; Naveen (Oakville, CA), Kazmaier; Peter M. (Mississauga, CA), Moffat; Karen A. (Brantford, CA), Gerroir; Paul J. (Oakville, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014