Patent Number: 6,445,502

Title: Variable blazed grating

In one aspect of the invention, an apparatus operable to provide opticalsignal processing includes an inner conductive layer including an at leastsubstantially conductive material and a plurality of at least partiallyreflective mirror strips disposed outwardly from the inner conductivelayer and operable to receive an input optical signal, wherein none of theplurality of strips has a width greater than 40 microns. At least some ofthe strips are operable to undergo a partial rotation in response to acontrol signal, the partial rotation resulting in a diffraction of theinput optical signal wherein a majority of the diffracted input signal iscommunicated in one direction.

Inventors: Islam; Mohammed N. (Allen, TX), Kuditcher; Amos (Allen, TX)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014