Patent Number: 6,445,541

Title: High suction air bearing with pressure release

A disk drive system includes a base, a disk stack rotatably attached to thebase, and an actuator assembly movably attached to the base. A rampassembly includes a set of ramps for loading and unloading the sliders andtransducing elements carried by the sliders to and from the disks in thedisk stack. The ramp assembly is attached to the base. An actuatorassembly is movably attached to the base of the disk drive. The actuatorassembly includes one or more arms. A load spring is attached to the armof the actuator. In some instances two load springs are attached to thearm of the actuator. A slider is attached to the load spring. Sliders havea backside surface and an air bearing surface. The air bearing surfaceincludes an arrangement of rails and cavities which form high pressureareas and low pressure areas. An opening or passage connects the airbearing surface the backside surface of the slider. A ring of compliantmaterial is attached to the backside surface of the slider. The ring ofcompliant material is located around the opening. Also associated with theactuator is a tang used primarily to unload or load the slider. The tangincludes a dimple positioned to engage the ring of compliant material andto seal the opening on the backside surface of the slider. As the tangengages the ramp, the tang is moved so that the seal between the dimpleand compliant ring around the opening is broken. The negative pressurearea of the air bearing surface is pressurized.

Inventors: Boutaghou; Zine Eddine (Vadnais Heights, MN), Meyer; Dallas Wayne (Burnsville, MN)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014