Patent Number: 6,445,553

Title: Method and system for fabricating a high density magnetoresistive device

A system and method for providing a device for reading data is disclosed.The device includes a magnetoresistive element. The method and systeminclude providing a read gap, providing a plurality of leads, andproviding an insulator. The read gap covers at least a portion of themagnetoresistive element. The plurality of leads is electrically coupledwith the magnetoresistive element. The insulator electrically isolates aportion of each of the plurality of leads. In one aspect, the read gap isformed in a first process and the insulator is formed in a second processdecoupled from the first process.

Inventors: Barr; Ronald (Mountain View, CA), Rottmayer; Robert E. (Pittsburgh, PA)


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Expiration Date: 09/03/2014