Patent Number: 6,480,440

Title: Seismic receiver motion compensation

Abstract: A method of compensating for seismic receiver motion in a marine seismic survey wherein at least one receiver is towed behind a moving seismic vessel comprises producing an acoustic energy wave at a seismic source, and recording the reflection arrival time t.sub.2 of the acoustic energy wave at the one receiver. The offset x between the source and the one receiver is determined. The normal moveout velocity V for the acoustic energy, and the velocity V.sub.B of the seismic vessel are also estimated. A corrected reflection arrival time t.sub.1 , of the acoustic energy wave is then determined by applying a time correction to the recorded reflection arrival time t.sub.2. The time correction is a function of the offset x, the normal moveout velocity V, and the velocity V.sub.B of the seismic vessel. The method is applicable to a plurality of receivers, whether the receivers are arranged in a single sensor acquisition system or hardwired to form receiver groups.

Inventors: Douma; Jan (Houston, TX), Dragoset; William H. (Houston, TX)

Assignee: Westerngeco, L.L.C.

International Classification: G01V 1/36 (20060101); G01V 1/28 (20060101); G01V 1/38 (20060101); G01V 001/38 (); G01V 001/00 (); G01V 001/28 (); G06F 019/00 ()

Expiration Date: 11/12/2019