Patent Number: 6,480,587

Title: Intelligent keyboard system

Abstract: This invention generally relates to a system level scheme utilizing an intelligent keyboard, hereafter called an Intellikeyboard, which can operate as a universal compute, command, and control module that interfaces either through wired or wireless means with a number of intelligent appliances, personal computers, work-stations, servers, televisions, printers, smart devices, intelligent devices, telephones, or other devices. The Intellikeyboard has the ability to transmit and receive voice, text, graphics, and other data through either wired or wireless means. The Intellikeyboard may work in tandem with a local or network server to perform standard computing functions, serve as a command and control unit, perform standard telephony functions, transmit and receive electronic mail, voice mail, video, and audio. The invention also anticipates the need for multichannel and sequential/simultaneous tasking and interfaces with numerous intelligent appliances and devices.

Inventors: Rao; Sanjay K. (Palo Alto, CA), Rao; Sunil K. (Palo Alto, CA), Rao; Raman K. (Palo Alto, CA)


International Classification: G06F 3/023 (20060101); H04M 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 11/12/2019