Patent Number: 6,480,686

Title: Development station for a reproduction apparatus

Abstract: A magnetic brush development station with a housing forming a reservoir fordeveloper material has a plurality of augers located in the housing formixing developer material. A drive for the plurality of augers includes anassembly having a body extending through the development station housing.A plurality of bearings are positioned in the body with a spacer betweenthe plurality of bearings. A rotatable shaft is connected between theplurality of augers and an auger drive member. A seal for the rotatableshaft has a lip formed of a material which is able to stretch sufficientlyto maintain sealing contact with the shaft while the shaft is beingrotated by the auger drive member.

Inventors: Hilbert; Thomas Kurt (Rochester, NY), Livadas; Jerry Eugene (Rochester, NY), Slattery; Scott Thomas (Rochester, NY), Reuschle; Patricia D. (Rochester, NY), Nichols; Gary Edwin (Rochester, NY), Wise; Michelle Dawn (Rochester, NY), Yu; Cathlyn Y. (Rochester, NY), Hensel; Donald Steven (Rochester, NY), Vespone; Daniel Francis (Rochester, NY), Garcia; Christopher Stephen (Rochester, NY), Albrecht; Thomas Samuel (Rochester, NY), Jacobs; Michael E. (Rochester, NY), Carey; James Robert (Rochester, NY), Armstrong; Timothy Gilbert (Rochester, NY), Kepner; D. Steven (Rochester, NY), Kasiske; W. Charles (Rochester, NY)


International Classification: G03G 15/09 (20060101); G03G 15/08 (20060101); G03G 015/08 ()

Expiration Date: 11/12014