Patent Number: 6,480,786

Title: Method and system for route guiding

Abstract: A route guiding system and method for use with a navigation device that provides route guidance utilizing portions of speech uttered by a user to further guide the user to a location. The route guiding system includes a route guide request presence or absence determining unit and an institution extracting unit. The route guide request presence or absence determining unit determines whether a pre-registered a route guide request, such as "I see," is included in a user utterance. The institution extracting unit extracts a word related to an institution such as, "post office," from the user utterance. For example, if the user states, "I see a post office." The route guide request presence or absence determining unit identifies "I see" and the institution extracting unit identifies "post office." Further, the route guiding system may include a institution retrieving unit that retrieves institutions located near the position of a vehicle equipped with the navigation system of the invention, an institution candidate selecting unit that selects institutions located along a route guide from among the retrieved institutions, a user-uttered institution specifying unit that specifies an institution uttered by the user from among the selected institutions, and a route guide output unit that makes a guide according to the number of intersections located in the section from the specified institution up to a place to be guided.

Inventors: Watanabe; Mitsuaki (Iwaki, JP), Takeda; Hideaki (Iwaki, JP), Takahashi; Katsunori (Iwaki, JP)

Assignee: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

International Classification: G01C 21/34 (20060101); G01C 21/36 (20060101); G01C 021/30 ()

Expiration Date: 11/12/2019