Patent Number: 6,490,291

Title: Device for data communications between wireless application protocolterminal and wireless application server, and method thereof

Abstract: A device for data communications between a Wireless Application Protocol(WAP) terminal and a WAP server, and a data communication method thereof.The data communications device includes: a plurality of WAP terminals eachhaving a protocol stack in which a Circuit Switch Data service (CSD)protocol layer is laid under a Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP) layerand a Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP) layer, for generating WAP datawhich is service request data; a plurality of WAP servers each having aprotocol stack in which a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer and anInternet Protocol (IP) layer are laid under a WTP layer and a WDP layer,for providing the WAP terminals with WAP server data according to the WAPdata; and an interworking function (IWF) unit having a CSD protocol layerconnected to the CSD protocol layers of each WAP terminal, and a TCP layerand an IP layer which are connected to the TCP and IP layers of each WAPserver, for mapping the WAP terminals to the corresponding WAP servers,wherein each WAP terminal communicates with the IWF unit though a singleInternet Protocol/Peer-to-Peer Protocol (IP/PPP) layer included in its ownCSD protocol layer, and the IWF unit communicates through the Internetwith each WAP server. Because there is no redundancy of IP/PPP protocollayers in the WAP terminal, overhead is considerably reduced. Also, theIWF unit is directly connected through the Internet to the WAP server, notthrough the PSTN and the ISP, so that connection time and costs can bereduced.

Inventors: Lee; Sang-seo (Seoul, KR), Kim; Yong-suk (Seoul, KR)


International Classification: H04L 29/08 (20060101); H04Q 7/22 (20060101); G09G 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/02015