Patent Number: 6,490,386

Title: Bidirectional optical amplifier

Abstract: A bi-directional amplifier system comprises a 2.times.2 interleaved channelseparator optically coupled to both a first and a second bi-directionalfiber optic communications line and an optical amplifier optically coupledto the 2.times.2 interleaved channel separator. A method of bi-directionaloptical amplification comprises the steps of: (a) inputting a firstplurality of optical channels from a first optical communications line toand a second plurality of optical channels from a second opticalcommunications line to first port and a second port, respectively, of a2.times.2 interleaved channel separator; (b) outputting the firstplurality and the second plurality of optical channels from a third portof the interleaved channel separator to the input of an optical amplifier;(c) outputting the first plurality and the second plurality of opticalchannels from the output of the optical amplifier to a fourth port of theinterleaved channel separator; and (d) outputting the first plurality ofoptical channels to the second fiber optic communications line and thesecond plurality of optical channels to the first fiber opticcommunication s line from the interleaved channel separator.

Inventors: Cao; Xiaofan (Fremont, CA), Cooney; Thomas F. (Milpitas, CA)


International Classification: G02B 6/34 (20060101); G02B 006/28 ()

Expiration Date: 12/02015