Patent Number: 6,490,415

Title: Camera equipped with flash light emission unit

Abstract: A camera comprises a flash light emission section displaceable between aprotruding position in which it protrudes from a camera main body, and astorage position in which it is stored in the camera main body. A pivot isprovided nonparallel to a direction of light emitted from the flash lightemission section, and also nonparallel to a plane perpendicular to thedirection of light emitted from the flash light emission section. Thepivot supports the flash light emission section such that the flash lightemission section can pivot between the protruding position and the storageposition.

Inventors: Katagiri; Moriya (Tokyo, JP)


International Classification: G03B 15/05 (20060101); G03B 015/03 ()

Expiration Date: 12/02015