Patent Number: 6,490,556

Title: Audio classifier for half duplex communication

Abstract: A half duplex switching device includes an input connection for receiving an input audio signal, and classification module coupled to the input connection. The classification module provides an output which indicates a classification of the input signal based upon a density of the input audio signal, an energy level of the input audio signal, and classification data provided with the input audio signal. A switching device is coupled to the classification module and determines if the received input audio signal contains speech signals based upon the output of the classification module. The communication receiving device can be used in both communication systems which provide continuous speech signals, and communication systems which remove silence and only provide speech signals.

Inventors: Graumann; David L. (Beaverton, OR), Henry; Claudia M. (Portland, OR)

Assignee: Intel Corporation

International Classification: G10L 11/02 (20060101); G10L 11/00 (20060101); G10L 011/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/03/2011