Patent Number: 6,512,539

Title: Document periscope

Abstract: A composite higher resolution image of an object can be obtained by combining or patching together multiple low-resolution camera images to form a composite image having a higher resolution. Each low-resolution camera image represents a subsection of an object (also referred to as "object subsection") to be scanned. For example, each subsection may represent a quadrant of a document page. With the use of a periscope, the image visible to the camera can be shifted to capture images of the various object subsections. Mosaicing techniques are used to combine these camera images into a composite image of the object. This approach to scanning improves the resolution of documents scanned while using existing low cost video cameras.

Inventors: Dance; Christopher R. (Trumpingron, GB), Taylor; Stuart A. (Cambridge, GB), Seeger; Mauritius (Royston, GB)

Assignee: Xerox Corporation

International Classification: H04N 1/195 (20060101); H04N 003/08 ()

Expiration Date: 01/28/2020