Patent Number: 6,528,802

Title: Method for optical excitation of fluorophore marked DNA and RNA

Abstract: A method for optical excitation of fluorophore-labeled DNA and fluorophore-labeled RNA, particularly of specific localizations of DNA and RNA labeled by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). It is the object of the method to make possible in a simple manner a high-contrast simultaneous excitation of a plurality of FISH fluorophores which have different fluorescence characteristics and are to be detected and displayed three-dimensionally. The excitation and detection of fluorophores at a depth of the biological material greater than 100 micrometers must be ensured. The FISH fluorophores and DNA markers are excited to fluorescence by a multiphoton excitation simultaneously by pulsed and non-pulsed radiation at a single wavelength in the range between 700 nm to 1000 nm, preferably between 760 nm and 820 nm. A total of 20 commercially available FISH fluorophores and DNA markers were tested. Fluorophores which were excited simultaneously by multiphoton excitation were detected in all tested cases.

Inventors: Koenig; Karsten (Neuengoenna, DE), Halbhuber; Karl-Juergen (Isserstedt, DE), Fischer; Peter (Jena, DE), Riemann; Iris (Neuengoenna, DE)

Assignee: Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH

International Classification: C12Q 1/68 (20060101); G01N 027/26 (); G01N 021/64 (); G01J 003/30 ()

Expiration Date: 03/04/2020