Patent Number: 6,529,084

Title: Interleaved feedforward VCO and PLL

Abstract: A voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and phase-locked loop (PLL) topologies that allow for low-voltage, high frequency, low-jitter operation are disclosed. The conventional PLL design is modified so as to bifurcate the error signal into AC and DC components. A VCO accepting AC- and DC-component control inputs adjusts its output frequency in accordance with both inputs.

Inventors: Boerstler; David William (Round Rock, TX), Carballo; Juan-Antonio (Austin, TX), Carpenter; Gary Dale (Pflugerville, TX), Ngo; Hung Cai (Austin, TX), Nowka; Kevin John (Round Rock, TX)

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

International Classification: H03L 7/099 (20060101); H03L 7/08 (20060101); H03K 3/00 (20060101); H03L 7/089 (20060101); H03K 3/03 (20060101); H03B 005/24 (); H03L 007/099 ()

Expiration Date: 03/04/2020