Patent Number: 6,530,394

Title: On-off switch structure of a gas tank

Abstract: A gas tank on-off switch structure includes a main body and a leakproofmember which is structurally independent of the main body and isdetachably fastened to the main body. The main body is connected with theinterior of the gas tank. The leakproof member is formed of a fasteningbody, an elastic member, a plug, and a locating body. The fastening bodyis fastened to the main body and a gas pipe connector. The elastic elementand the plug are located in the fastening body in conjunction with thelocating body. The plug serves to prevent the gas leak in conjunction withthe elastic element.

Inventors: Pai; I-Chih (Ta-Chia Township, Taichung Hsien, TW)


International Classification: F16K 15/18 (20060101); F16K 1/00 (20060101); F16K 15/00 (20060101); F16K 1/30 (20060101); F16L 037/40 ()

Expiration Date: 03/12015