Patent Number: 6,569,138

Title: Sanitary napkin

Abstract: An absorbent article includes an absorbent body enclosed between a liquid-permeable outer sheet and a liquid-impermeable outer sheet, a front part facing forwards when the article is worn, and a rear part. The absorbent body tapers rearwardly to the end of the rear part from a section of greatest width situated in said front part. The article includes flexible outwardly projecting flaps which extend on respective sides of the absorbent body and have outer edges that are inclined relative to the longitudinal symmetry axis at an angle such that the distance between the outer sides of said flaps and the axis decreases in a direction towards the rear end of the article. At least two adhesive strings are applied to at least one of the flaps on the side thereof which, in the unfolded state of the flap, lies on the same side of the article as the liquid-impermeable outer sheet.

Inventors: Helmfridsson; Bror-Inge (Partille, SE), Drevik; Solgun (Molnlycke, SE)

Assignee: SCA Hygiene Products AB

International Classification: A61F 13/15 (20060101); A61F 13/56 (20060101); A61F 013/15 ()

Expiration Date: 05/27/2011