Patent Number: 6,569,257

Title: Method for cleaning a process chamber

Abstract: A method for cleaning silicon carbide and/or organosilicate layers frominterior surfaces of a process chamber is disclosed. In one aspect,silicon carbide and/or organosilicate layers are cleaned from interiorsurfaces of a process chamber by treating it with ahydrogen/fluorine-based plasma. In another aspect, silicon carbide and/ororganosilicate layer are cleaned from interior surfaces of the processchamber by treating it with a hydrogen-based plasma followed by afluorine-based plasma. Alternatively, silicon carbide and/ororganosilicate layers are cleaned from interior surfaces of the chamber bytreating it with a fluorine-based plasma followed by a hydrogen-basedplasma.

Inventors: Nguyen; Huong Thanh (San Ramon, CA), Barnes; Michael (San Ramon, CA), Xia; Li-Qun (Santa Clara, CA), Yieh; Ellie (San Jose, CA)


International Classification: C23C 16/44 (20060101); B08B 003/00 ()

Expiration Date: 05/22015