Patent Number: 6,612,191

Title: Starter with driving lever having lever pin

Abstract: To reduce entire length and radial dimension of a starter, the starterincludes a driving lever composed of a lever body and a lever pin as apivot center of the driving lever body. Further, the lever pin is disposedclose to a center case in the radial direction. The dimension betweensupporting positions of both arm portions supporting the lever pin is setlarge. To provide the waterproof structure of a starter, a projectionprovided on a lever seal is inserted into a positioning hole of a leverholder in a lever assembly of a starter. Further, a tip of the projectioncomes in contact with a peripheral surface of a lever pin at a lower sidethan the center of the lever pin.

Inventors: Imanishi; Tetsuo (Chita-gun, JP), Wakahara; Yasuyuki (Kariya, JP)


International Classification: F02N 15/06 (20060101); F02N 15/02 (20060101); F02N 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 09/02015