Patent Number: 6,612,347

Title: Apparatus for metering and packaging bulk particulate material

Abstract: A metering and packaging device includes several cups fixed to rotate abouta shaft. These cups are positioned under hopper outlets during a portionof their rotation to receive bulk material, and over passages through abottom plate during another portion of their rotation to dump bulkmaterial into weigh buckets. The outlets, cups and passages through thebottom plat are angularly displaced from one another such that the cupsdrop measured portions of bulk material in an alternating fashion into theweigh buckets, and the weigh buckets drop the portions into a packagingmachine in an alternating fashion into a packaging machine whichseparately packages each successive and alternately dropped portion.

Inventors: Hill; David J. (Racine, WI)


International Classification: B65B 1/30 (20060101); B65B 1/36 (20060101); B65B 1/32 (20060101); B65B 9/10 (20060101); B65B 9/20 (20060101); B65B 001/20 ()

Expiration Date: 09/02015