Patent Number: 6,612,400

Title: Electronically controlled variable loudness muffler

Abstract: The invention concerns an exhaust silencer arrangement with integrated bypass assembly and external actuator to control the position of the bypass assembly. For applications where a heightened loudness, or increased horsepower through the decrease of exhaust noise suppression is desired or required, but at temporary instances, the invention allows for real time electronic control over the loudness and horsepower potential of the internal combustion engine to which it is applied. The invention is comprised of the exhaust muffler with integrated bypass and silencer module, external electronic actuator, and the mechanical cable which transmits the mechanical output of the actuator to the bypass valve of the exhaust muffler assembly. The exhaust muffler is comprised of the housing which contains the bypass tube and valve assembly, silencer module, and inlet and outlet chambers which intersect the bypass assembly with the silencer module. The actuator is a Direct Current unit that converts the 12 volt DC power of the vehicle to a linear displacement for repositioning the bypass valve via the connection of the mechanical cable from the actuator rod, pulley, or lever to the bypass valve of the exhaust muffler assembly. The invention is configured to directly replace a vehicle's OEM exhaust muffler.

Inventors: Bravo; Andres E. (Miami, FL)


International Classification: F01N 1/16 (20060101); F01N 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 09/02/2020