Patent Number: 6,612,671

Title: Shelf mounting support arrangement

Abstract: A shelf mounting support includes an annular flange portion having a sidesurface from which projects a cavity defining body portion. The mountingsupport is adapted to extend through an aperture formed in a liner of anappliance with the body portion of the mounting support being inserted ina respective aperture from an outer insulation zone side of the liner.Each mounting support is initially retained in the aperture through theuse of an adhesive element that attaches the flange portion of themounting support to the liner. Thereafter, the liner is positioned withinan outer shell of the appliance and foamed insulation is then injectedinto the insulation zone and into the internal cavity of the mountingsupport to anchor the mounting support in position. To support a shelf, aplurality of mounting supports are arranged in a common plane upon whichthe shelf is adapted to rest.

Inventors: Disbennett; Walter I. (Knoxville, IL), Ellingwood; John C. (Galesburg, IL), Smith; Daniel H. (Galesburg, IL), Thompson; Virgil R. (Cameron, IL)


International Classification: F25D 23/06 (20060101); A47B 096/04 ()

Expiration Date: 09/02015