Patent Number: 6,637,311

Title: Sensory feedback system for an electro-hydraulically controlled system

Abstract: An apparatus for providing feedback to an operator relative to a force applied to a system is disclosed. The apparatus has a first magnet and a second magnet. The first magnet receives a signal indicative of the force applied to the system and generates a first magnetic field in response to the signal. The second magnet is disposed adjacent the first magnet and generates a second magnetic field that interacts with the first magnetic field to generate a magnetic force. An operator interface is operatively engaged with one of the first magnet and the second magnet such that the magnetic force acts on the operator interface.

Inventors: Barden; William M. (Raleigh, NC)

Assignee: Caterpillar Inc

International Classification: E02F 9/20 (20060101); F15B 13/14 (20060101); F15B 13/00 (20060101); F15B 013/14 ()

Expiration Date: 10/28/2011