Patent Number: 6,637,610

Title: Personal transporter

Abstract: Structure and procedures for lifting, transferring and moving a person, such as a bed ridden person or one requiring the use of a wheelchair, involve a frame (393) supported on wheels (394, 395), a horizontal load supporting beam (392) in an upper part of the frame, and a motor-powered winch (391) supported by the frame (393) for movement along the beam. Med winch (391) can be arranged to synchronously raise and lower a pair of horizontally spaced couplings by which a carrier (480) for a person can be connected to the winch (391). The beam (392) can be of variable length. The frame (393) can include a pair of beam-supporting legs (406, 407), one of which can be movable along and removable from the beam as extended from a minimum length state in which the frame (393) can be moved through a doorway. The frame (393) can be of fixed width, with the beam extendible from a side of the frame in conjunction with ground-engaging stabilizers (446, 446') which are extendible from the frame to support the frame from overturning when a person is supported outside the frame from the extended beam (413). A carrier (480) for a person can be a fabric construction which has stiffened back (483) and seat portions, and a lift point at each side of the carrier (480). Another form of carrier can also serve as a portion of a bed.

Inventors: Cheeseboro; Robert G. (Van Nuys, CA)


International Classification: A61G 7/10 (20060101); B66C 017/06 (); B66C 019/00 (); A61G 007/10 ()

Expiration Date: 10/28/2020