Patent Number: 6,637,642

Title: Method of solid state welding and welded parts

Abstract: A method of solid state welding for joining metal parts having opposed planar and parallel surfaces which includes quickly heating the opposed surfaces of the metal parts with a high frequency induction heater to the hot working temperature of the metal parts in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, continuously moving at least one of the parts relative to the other part generally parallel to the parallel surfaces of the parts, and quickly bringing the opposed surfaces of the parts together with an axial force approximately equal to the conventional friction welding forging force while continuing the relative motion of the parts until the absorbed kinetic energy is approximately equal to ten percent of the energy input required by conventional friction welding. The resultant weld is of a quality equal to or greater than normal friction welding but has a much smaller volume of flash and requires significantly less kinetic energy than conventional friction welding and is performed at rotational velocities well below the normal critical surface velocity of friction welding. The welded metal part includes a generally planar flash extending radially from the inner section of the opposed planar welded surfaces having a volume corresponding to a combined loss of length of less than 0.2 axial inches per inch of wall thickness. Thus, the disclosed solid state welding method is substantially more efficient than prior friction or other welding methods and results in an improved product.

Inventors: Lingnau; David (Calgary, CA)

Assignee: Industrial Field Robotics

International Classification: B23K 20/12 (20060101); B23K 020/12 (); H05B 006/02 (); B32B 015/01 ()

Expiration Date: 10/28/2020