Patent Number: 6,637,800

Title: Tarp cover hold down system

Abstract: An improved tarp cover system for covering the open-topped container body of a vehicle is characterized by the provision of a generally U-shaped inverted hold-down arm that is pivotally connected with the front wall of the container body and that is spring biased to apply a downward force on the front portion of the cover when the container is in the completely closed condition, thereby to reduce flapping of the cover during transport. The flexible tarp cover is wound on a roll that is rotatably supported adjacent the front wail of the container. In a first embodiment, to cover the container, the free end of the cover is displaced rearwardly of the container by a cover arm that is pivotally connected with the side walls of the container. The cover arm is biased toward its rearmost container covering position by a pair of side mounted spring arrangements that include compression springs that are concealed within the hollow leg portions of the cover arm. A locking arrangement is provided for automatically locking the cover arm in its rearmost position when the tarp completely covers the container. In an alternate embodiment, the cover is unwound from the roll by a transverse member that is manually pulled to the rear of the container by a pull rope. The cover is wound on the roll by an electric motor that is connected with the roll via a planetary gearing arrangement, or by a spring motor.

Inventors: Henning; Steven A. (Anderson, IN)


International Classification: B60J 7/08 (20060101); B60P 007/04 ()

Expiration Date: 10/28/2020