Patent Number: 6,637,839

Title: Method for automatic braking of a vehicle

Abstract: In a method for carrying out an automatic braking operation in a vehicle, a stte variable for describing driver's reactions and/or events outside the vehicle is sensed by means of a sensor, compared with a reference value and, when the reference value is exceeded, a higher braking pressure than the braking pressure corresponding to the brake pedal position is generated. In order to increase reliability, the automatic generation of braking pressure is suspended for a specific holding time if the state variable which is sensed by sensor means lies outside an acceptable tolerance range.

Inventors: Fuchs; Alexander (Sindelfingen, DE), Kiesewetter; Wolfgang (Altdorf, DE), Knoff; Bernd (Esslingen, DE), Lauer; Carsten (Stuttgart, DE), Maack; Lorenz (Boeblingen, DE), Pfeifle; Eberhard (Lorch, DE), Steiner; Manfred (Winnenden, DE)

Assignee: DaimlerChrysler AG

International Classification: B60T 8/32 (20060101); B60T 13/66 (20060101); B60T 7/22 (20060101); B60T 7/12 (20060101); B60T 007/12 ()

Expiration Date: 10/28/2020