Patent Number: 6,670,798

Title: Auto power-on, hot-pluggable user interface controller for mailing machines

Abstract: A mailing machine base includes a docking system for a User InterfaceController (UIC) that provides a feedback signal to the mailing machinebased on the presence of the UIC. When the UIC is inserted into a dockingconnector of the mailing machine, the mailing machine detects the presenceof the UIC. A delay circuit within the mailing machine provides a signalto a power control circuit after a predetermined time delay. The powercontrol circuit, based on the signal from the delay circuit, will providepower to the UIC only after the UIC has been securely docked for the fullpredetermined time delay. When the UIC is removed from the mailingmachine, the mailing machine, based on the feedback signal, will quicklyremove the power provided to the docking connector. Thus, the mailingmachine can remain powered during removal and replacement of the UIC.

Inventors: Lorello; Michael J. (Branford, CT), Doutney; George J. (Sandy Hook, CT), Bass; Edward R. (Trumbull, CT), Lee; Young W. (Orange, CT), Parkos; Maria P. (Southbury, CT)


International Classification: G07B 17/00 (20060101); G05B 024/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/32016