Patent Number: 6,670,884

Title: Disposable wireless messaging devices and systems and methods related to same

Abstract: The teachings of the present invention are directed to disposable wireless messaging devices, computer systems that incorporate disposable wireless messaging devices, and methods of operating the same. An exemplary disposable wireless messaging device includes a housing, a transceiver, a power supply and a messaging controller. The housing is capable of enveloping at least a portion of the messaging controller, and, the transceiver and the power supply. The transceiver is associated with the housing and the messaging controller, and capable of transmitting and receiving signals wirelessly. The messaging controller operates to extract wireless messages from the wirelessly received signals and to communicate the wireless messages to a user of the wireless messaging device. The messaging controller is capable of (i) monitoring use of the disposable wireless messaging device in relation to a utilization threshold and (ii) in response, inhibiting, the operation of at least a portion of the messaging controller.

Inventors: Tett; Richard J. (Plano, TX)

Assignee: WebLink Wireless, Inc.

International Classification: G08B 5/22 (20060101); G08B 005/22 ()

Expiration Date: 12/30/2020