Patent Number: 6,670,948

Title: Computer keyboard assembly

Abstract: A keyboard assembly for a personal computer. In one embodiment, thekeyboard assembly has a housing and an actuator coupled to the housing.The housing may have an elongated front edge, an elongated rear edge, alower surface, and an upper surface. A plurality of keys may project fromthe upper surface of the housing. The actuator is coupled to the housingto rotate the housing about a rotational axis for changing the inclinationof the housing and the keys during operation. For example, the actuatormay continuously rotate the housing about a rotational axis duringoperation in a manner that causes a computer operator to continuously flexhis/her wrists. In another embodiment, the housing may be attached to aseparate base that has a bottom surface for resting on a support surface.The base may also have a top surface with a channel extending along therotational axis that is defined by a curved surface with a circularcross-section. The housing may have a tube or a portion of cylindricalsurface depending downward from its lower surface and runninglongitudinally across its lower surface to fit within the channel of thebase. The actuator may be coupled to either the base or the housing torotate the tube within the channel for changing the inclination of thehousing. The actuators for rotating the housing may also have severalembodiments. In one particular embodiment, an actuator has a motorattached to either the base or the housing, a shaft rotationally driven bythe motor, and a wheel attached by the shaft to engage either the tube orthe channel. The rotation of the wheel accordingly causes the housing torotate with respect to the base.

Inventors: Zarek; Lynne (Boise, ID)


International Classification: G06F 3/02 (20060101); G09G 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/32016