Patent Number: 6,670,967

Title: Method of efficiently increasing readability of framemaker graphical userinterface

Abstract: The present invention is a method of enhancing the readability ofFrameMaker.RTM. for a visually-impaired user by determining whether or nota file named ".maker.large" exists in the user's $HOME directory. If".maker.large" exists in the user's $HOME directory then setting anenvironmental variable $EZRIDER to a pathname $FMHOME/fdk/NSAapps.large ofa directory containing enlarged EASYRIDER API client files. If".maker.large" is not in the user's $HOME directory then setting theenvironmental variable $EZRIDER to the pathname $FMHOME/fdk/NSAapps of adirectory containing unenlarged EASYRIDER client files. If the second stepwas performed then setting X Window Large Display Resources toRESOURCE_MANAGER property of a root window of screen 0 and determiningwhether or not an X resource "maker.api.preferences.autoApply" is set totrue in $HOME/.Xdefaults. If "maker.api.preferences.autoApply" is set totrue then turning on a notification for FrameMakert.RTM. to contact theuser's Personal Preferences client; initializing the EASYRIDER API clientfiles; and initializing FrameMaker.RTM. product dialogs.

Inventors: Mezei; Bruce W. (Columbia, MD)


International Classification: G09B 21/00 (20060101); G09G 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/32016