Patent Number: 6,674,224

Title: Tension focus mask for a cathode-ray tube (CRT)

Abstract: A color cathode-ray tube (CRT) having an evacuated envelope with an electron gun therein for generating at least one electron beam is disclosed. The envelope further includes a faceplate panel having a luminescent screen with phosphor lines on an interior surface thereof. A tension focus mask, having a plurality of spaced-apart first electrodes, is located adjacent to an effective picture area of the screen. The plurality of spaced-apart first electrodes has a screen-facing side having a predetermined width and a relatively wider electron-gun-facing side. Each side forming sharp corner edges extending along the length of each first electrodes. A substantially continuous insulating material is deposited on the screen-facing side and on the corners of the first electrodes to shield the sharp corner edges of the first electrodes. A plurality of second electrodes are oriented substantially perpendicular to the plurality of first electrodes and are bonded thereto by the insulating material layer.

Inventors: Garrity, Jr.; Edward Richard (Lancaster, PA), Close; Kevin Duane (Landisville, PA), Colbert; Steven Anthony (Lancaster, PA), LaPeruta, Jr.; Richard (Lititz, PA), Ciampa; David Paul (Lancaster, PA), Benigni; Samuel Paul (Lititz, PA)

Assignee: Thomson Licensing S.A.

International Classification: H01J 29/46 (20060101); H01J 29/81 (20060101); H01J 029/80 ()

Expiration Date: 01/06/2012