Patent Number: 6,674,320

Title: System and method for orthogonal inductance variation

Abstract: A control system, method and apparatus is provided for an orthogonally variable inductor. A method and apparatus is also provided for voltage regulation. Regulation is provided without the use of Silicon devices, such as FET's, in the output current path. Efficient voltage regulation is provided via varying the inductance of a device in the output current path, and alternatively via varying the inductance and duty cycle. An orthogonal inductive device is provided to vary the inductance in the output current path. The orthogonal inductive device is an external H field device, a series method orthogonal flux device, or a combined core device. Furthermore, a variable inductor is also provided in filters, amplifiers, and oscillators.

Inventors: Duffy; Thomas P. (Chandler, AZ), Zhang; Yi (El Segundo, CA), Trivedi; Malay (Phoenix, AZ)

Assignee: Primarion, Inc.

International Classification: H01F 29/00 (20060101); H01F 29/14 (20060101); H03B 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/06/2021