Patent Number: 6,674,337

Title: Concurrent multi-band low noise amplifier architecture

Abstract: The present invention relates to a concurrent multi-band amplifiers and to a monolithic, concurrent multi-band low noise amplifier (LNA). The inventive LNA includes a three-terminal active device, such as a transistor with a characteristic transconductance, g.sub.m, disposed on a semiconductor substrate. The active device has a control input terminal, an output terminal, and a current source terminal. The amplifier also includes an input impedance matching network system,, and an output load network. simultaneously and independently matches the frequency-dependent input impedance of the three-terminal active device to a predetermined characteristic impedance at two or more discrete frequency bands. The output load network simultaneously provides a voltage gain, A.sub.v, to an input signal at the amplifier input at each of the two or more discrete frequency bands.

Inventors: Hashemi; Seyed-Hossein (Pasadena, CA), Hajimiri; Seyed-Ali (Pasadena, CA)

Assignee: California Institute of Technology

International Classification: H03F 1/08 (20060101); H03F 3/189 (20060101); H03F 3/191 (20060101); H03F 3/72 (20060101); H03F 3/193 (20060101); H03F 1/22 (20060101); H03H 007/38 ()

Expiration Date: 01/06/2021