Patent Number: 6,674,342

Title: Electrical signal filter with improved isolation shield

Abstract: An electrical signal filter including elongate upper and lower filter housing members abutted along a longitudinal seam between the housing members. The housing members hold at least one circuit board. A ground post is formed integrally with the lower filter housing member and is secured to the circuit board without solder. First and second mechanical engagement members are used to rotationally secure end caps to the housing members without solder. As a result, assembly of the filter components can be accomplished without the need for expensive soldering operations, thus reducing the overall manufacturing cost of the filter.

Inventors: Zennamo, Jr.; Joseph A. (Skaneateles, NY), Maguire; Joseph N. (Syracuse, NY)

Assignee: Eagle Comtronics, Inc.

International Classification: H03H 1/00 (20060101); H03H 007/01 ()

Expiration Date: 01/06/2021