Patent Number: 6,674,352

Title: Moving-coil electromagnetic actuator, particularly for a control valve, with resilient element incorporated in the coil

Abstract: An electromagnetic actuator, particularly for a valve for controlling the injection of fuel or fuel oil is described and comprises: a fixed permanent magnetic core, and an electrical control winding which is disposed in the magnetic field generated by the core and is movable relative to the core when an electrical current flows through the winding, in which the winding is intended to be connected to a movable member actuable by the device, in a manner such as to bring about movement of the movable member between a rest position and at least one operative position. The winding is also arranged to act on the movable member by exerting a resilient force which can hold the member in the rest position or return the member to the rest position.

Inventors: Montuschi; Mario (Turin, IT), Faggioli; Eugenio (Turin, IT)

Assignee: C.R.F. Societa Consortile per Azioni

International Classification: F02M 51/06 (20060101); H01F 7/06 (20060101); H01F 007/13 (); H01F 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/06/2021