Patent Number: 6,683,453

Title: Magnetic resonance apparatus for obtaining NMR navigator echoes with slightdisturbance of the longitudinal magnetization

Abstract: In a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for obtaining NMRnavigator echoes with slight disturbance of the longitudinalmagnetization, an EPI pulse sequence is generated to irradiate an objectto be examined. Excitation which is selective by means of a sliceselection gradient, and which has a small flip angle .alpha.< a navigator slice and supplies a signal which is read out in the EPIpulse sequence using phase encoding in a direction perpendicular to theslice selection direction and the read out direction. A spatially resolvednavigator rod is obtained by reconstructing a column or row of thenavigator slice.

Inventors: Heid; Oliver (Gunzenhausen, DE)


International Classification: G01R 33/561 (20060101); G01R 33/54 (20060101); G01R 33/567 (20060101); G01V 003/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/22016