Patent Number: 6,683,518

Title: Surface mount molded relay package and method of manufacturing same

Abstract: The electromechanical device of the present invention is a low profile reed switch package for surface mounting on a printed circuit board. The reed device package includes a reed switch with two signal terminals emanating from opposing sides thereof. A leadframe is employed with signal conductors and ground conductors. The signal conductors are respectively attached to each of the signal terminals. A ground shield surrounds the body of the reed switch. The ground conductors are connected to the ground shield on a first side of the reed switch with the signal conductor on one side of the reed switch being positioned between the two ground conductors. Another pair of ground conductors are connected to the ground shield on the other side of the switch and are similarly positioned with the other signal conductor positioned therebetween. The reed switch device is overmolded with encapsulation material with the exception of the free ends of the signal and ground conductors which receive solder balls thereon for surface mount installation to a circuit board. After encapsulation, excess portions of the leadframe are trimmed away.

Inventors: Motta; James J. (Cumberland, RI)

Assignee: Kearney-National, Inc.

International Classification: H01H 51/28 (20060101); H01H 51/00 (20060101); H01H 11/00 (20060101); H01H 001/66 ()

Expiration Date: 01/27/2012