Patent Number: 6,683,521

Title: Self-packaged magnetic hand tool assembly

Abstract: A self-packaged magnetic tool assembly has protective components which also serve as retail packaging, to facilitate retail sales without the need for any extraneous or temporary packaging. The magnetic tool assembly has a permanently charged elongated rectangular-shaped magnet encased by two ferrous metal side plates along a length of the magnet, and a single non-magnetic stainless steel plate connecting the two side plates. The ferrous metal side plates act as the north and south poles of the magnet assembly. The magnet and metal plates are encased in a protective cover on all but the primary attracting surfaces of the magnet and the side plates, thereby reducing unwanted magnetic attraction to other surfaces of the tool. Two removable rectangular plastic spacers are inserted over the primary attracting surfaces of the magnet and the side plates. The spacers serve as packaging elements which protect the primary attracting surface, and which can be selectively removed during use of the tool. A gap between the two spacers enables testing of the strength of the magnet in a retail packaged configuration. The spacers can be held in place by friction or by friction or by adhesive film bearing product information.

Inventors: Snider; Greg S. (Medina, OH)

Assignee: Sulo Enterprises

International Classification: H01F 7/02 (20060101); H01F 007/02 ()

Expiration Date: 01/27/2021