Patent Number: 6,683,643

Title: Electronic camera capable of detecting defective pixel

Abstract: Photographing for one image plane is conducted by CCD1 under the completelydark condition created by closing aperture 12 when the power supply isturned on, then image data obtained from this photographing are comparedwith a threshold value, and when the image data show higher luminance thanthe threshold value, the image data are detected to be defective pixels(white flaws) and positional information thereof is stored. Further, underthe condition that the mode for detecting defective pixels is selected bymode switch 16, photographing for one image plane is conducted by CCD1while a camera is directed to an exclusive subject, then image dataobtained through this photographing are compared with a threshold value,and when the image data show lower luminance than the threshold value, theimage data are detected to be defective pixels (black flaws), andpositional information thereof is stored. In ordinary photographing, amean value of peripheral pixels surrounding the image data of thedefective pixel is used for replacement based on positional information ofthe defective pixel.

Inventors: Takayama; Jun (Hachioji, JP), Takizawa; Naruo (Hachioji, JP)


International Classification: H04N 5/217 (20060101); H04N 009/64 (); H04N 005/232 ()

Expiration Date: 01/22016