Patent Number: 6,762,401

Title: CMOS image sensor capable of increasing fill factor and driving method thereof

Abstract: The present invention relates to a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor, comprising: a plurality of unit pixel arrayed in rows and columns, wherein the unit pixel including: (a) a charge generating means for generating charges in response to lights reflected from an object; (b) a first reset transistor for resetting the charge generating means; (c) a floating diffusion region receiving the charges from the charge generating means; and (d) a transfer transistor for receiving an address signal to transfer the charges from the charge generation means to the floating diffusion region; and a plurality of source following unit, each coupled to each column of unit pixel. And also, the present invention provides a driving method the CMOS image sensor.

Inventors: Lee; Jae-Dong (Ichon-shi, KR)

Assignee: Hynix Semiconductor, Inc.

International Classification: H01L 27/00 (20060101); H04N 5/335 (20060101); H01L 027/00 ()

Expiration Date: 07/13/2021