Patent Number: 6,762,425

Title: Portable device for curing gel nail preparations

Abstract: This device utilizes UV light to cure gel nail preparations as applied to finger and toe nails. The device can be used to treat one or both hands or one or both feet with no changes or adjustments required. A housing has three horizontal openings in the front wall, each opening accessing a separate compartment containing a UV light source which is situated so as to provide radiation directly to the areas where the nails are placed. The compartment walls are coated with reflective material and specifically shaped to maximize the radiation to those areas. The index and three fingers of one or both hands are inserted into the uppermost compartment where the UV lamp is situated in the ceiling and the thumbs are inserted into the middle compartment where the UV lamp is situated in the floor. This arrangement permits all fingers to lie flat eliminating any distortion or pooling of the gel material and so each nail receives maximum radiation. A longitudinal hand rest is disposed between the uppermost and middle openings. The feet are placed in the lowermost compartment where the UV lamp is situated in the ceiling. The device can be powered by line current or a rechargeable battery enabling the device to be used near water or in areas where there is no accessible electric outlet. A control panel and timer enable selecting the correct lamps and time for treatment.

Inventors: Strait; Gloria (Wurtsboro, NY)


International Classification: A45D 29/00 (20060101); G21K 005/08 ()

Expiration Date: 07/12012