Patent Number: 6,762,430

Title: Imaging plate guides

Abstract: An imaging plate guide formed in different configurations corresponding to the various intraoral dental plate sizes, which in turn correspond to the dental intraoral film sizes commonly referred to as sizes 0 through 4, the imaging plate guides dedicated to intraoral imaging providing for guides for each plate size so that a desired array of feed width guides can be positioned on the scanner for scanning the intraoral plates and which scan extraoral imaging plates as well. The embodiment of the imaging plate guides provides not only for interchangeability with respect to the intraoral plate size, but also allows for the feeding of extraoral imaging plates without the need to remove the intraoral plate guides. The size 4 is not specifically described, but is analogous to the other sizes as would be obvious to one skilled in the art.

Inventors: Alzner; Edgar (Garden City, NY), Zamprelli; Stephen (Bardonia, NY), Lloyd; Tom (New Hyde Park, NY), Gross; Walter (Massapequa, NY)

Assignee: Air Techniques, Inc.

International Classification: G03B 42/04 (20060101); G03C 005/16 ()

Expiration Date: 07/13/2021