Patent Number: 6,780,573

Title: Color photographic element containing coupler moiety with improved amino acid timing group

Abstract: The invention relates to a color silver halide photographic element comprising a light-sensitive silver halide emulsion layer, said silver halide emulsion being in reactive association with an amino acid compound according to Formula (I): ##STR1##wherein: COUP is a moiety that reacts with oxidized developer to release the amino acid timing group but does not substantially contribute any density in the visible region to the element after processing is complete; n is 0 or 1; R.sub.1 is an alkyl or alkenyl group of 4 carbon atoms or more or an aryl group with 10 carbon atoms or more; R.sub.2 is an alkyl or aryl group so the sum total of carbon atoms in R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 together are at least 5; and PUG is a photographically useful group.

Inventors: Singer; Stephen P. (Spencerport, NY), Grote; Christopher W. (Rochester, NY), Stewart; Robert C. (Spencerport, NY), Younathan; Janet N. (Fairport, NY), Poslusny; Jerrold N. (Rochester, NY)

Assignee: Eastman Kodak Company

International Classification: G03C 7/305 (20060101); G03C 7/30 (20060101); G03C 7/413 (20060101); G03C 007/46 ()

Expiration Date: 08/24/2012