Patent Number: 6,794,645

Title: Proton-transfer-reaction/ion-mobility-spectrometer and method of using the same

Abstract: A high-pressure hollow cathode ionizer is combined with an ion-mobility-spectrometer (IMS) for the detection of trace amounts of organic compounds in gas. The ionizer uses H.sub.3 0.sup.+, ions which do not react with air to ionize the organic compounds and the organic compounds are soft ionized. The ionized organic compounds are detected in the IMS at levels of parts per billion and identified using calibrated reference tables. Applications include but are not limited to the fields of: (1) medicine as a breath analyzer for detection of lung cancer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, (2) law enforcement in drug interdiction and explosives detection, (3) food monitoring and control, (4) environmental monitoring and (5) space applications.

Inventors: Kanik; Isik (Monrovia, CA), Beegle; Luther W. (Pasadena, CA)

Assignee: California Institute of Technology

International Classification: G01N 27/64 (20060101); G01N 33/483 (20060101); G01N 33/00 (20060101); G01N 33/497 (20060101); B01D 059/44 ()

Expiration Date: 09/22016